DVD/CD not present

My device was there yesterday, and now the bios shows it is not present. I have looked to attempt to :\mount the device, but no luck. Any ideas on what I can do to get my cd back?

Thank you

Try reseating it’s connections (power and cable) on the mobo and on the device. Carefully.

since the BIOS can’t see it, it sure sounds like a hardware problem…
i guess if you have a dual boot it is not being seen by the other
system(s), right?

you don’t mention what kind of hardware you are talking about…but,
if yours is a desktop or rackmount, and you are competent to do so:
pop it open and just gently remove and then replace the power cord to
the drive, and do the same with the data cable…both at the drive end
and the motherboard end…

sometimes stuff like that is just a little bit of corrosion that has
built up in the connector and remove/replace is enough to make a good
contact again…

if that does not help, the next thing i would try is to install
another CD/DVD, or different data cable, to see if you can decided
which has gone bad…

well, all of that above is based on the idea that you didn’t update
the BIOS or go into the BIOS setup just before it stopped
working…did you?

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Thank you for the replies. guys, I found the solution a little while after I posted the question. It was buried in the bios, and it was resetting the bios to defaults. A apologise for the false alarm.
Thank you again…

Check it on “check media” in yast. check the power cable and sata cable. If not check the bios. And if not again there will be a hardware malfunction. I had the same problem with my dvd/cd, it was new product,fortunately i had the guarantee paper. The problem was the SATA into the circuit, one leg was broken.