dvd catalog

I am looking for a DVD (actual disks & ripped movies) catalog program. I have found several for Windows…the most popular seems to be “Ant Movie”. I’ve checked Webpin and found a couple of programs, but I am not sure they are what I am looking for. Is there anything for SUSE Linux available that can be recommended by anyone?

Tellico is pretty good Tellico | A collection manager for KDE also in the repo’s.I use it for my dvd’s,books,cd’s etc


I’ll admit that WhereIsIt for windows spoiled me in this dept, but of the few dvd/cd disk catalog programs, the most effective is Gwhere from those I’ve tried.

If your needs are more than just capture of filename, size, date and a short description, you can scan your disks into Gwhere, then export the catalog and import it into Tellico and add other elements.

my two cents, :slight_smile: