DVD Automount Issues

I recently did a zypper dup to 12.2 (Using KDE4). Since than, I have had issues with DVDs Automounting. I think DVDs used to always mount to /media/NameOfDVD, but now they mount to /run/media/Username/NameOfDVD, and when I replace the DVD with a different DVD, it gets mounted to the same folder with the name of the Previous DVD, and somehow ends up not working. Its confusing, because if I try to navigate to the folder with Dolphin, the folder name is that of the Previous DVD, but once I navigate into it, it claims the folder name is actually the name of the current DVD, but the contents are empty. I can’t access the new DVD until I reboot the system.

Can anyone tell me the name of the program in charge of auto mounting DVDs, and does anyone know how to fix the problem I currently have? Thanks…

I have openSUSE 12.2, with KDE4.8.5 installed, and my removable media is still mounted at /media/… as expected. Mounting is handled by the DE, with the support of udisks and udev.