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Would it not be better to have a separate ‘tips & tricks’ category under the main forum menu?

As there does tend to be a good number of similar questions coming up (how to I install the nvidia driver, how can I get mp3 songs to play etc). And perhaps these sort of topics may be better catered for in a ‘tips & tricks’ section.

We have had many internal discussions on this. … We still don’t have everyone “aligned” yet to a need for a separate ‘tips & tricks’ category. …

But if enough users want it and ask for it, will help those who internally think its useful.

At the moment, the HOW-TO section appears to be picking up what I had in mind for ‘tips & tricks’.

So in the mean time, … I’m trying to keep this thread on multimedia discussion associated with Dvd Authoring Under Linux/SuSE.

Sorry a big RED FACE from here. I had not noticed the ‘How To / ***’ section.

I was trying to install cinelerra from the packman repo but the dependencies failed for libhalf.so.4 how can i resolve this?

On Wed, 18 Jun 2008 23:06:05 GMT
wildshekhar <wildshekhar@no-mx.forums.opensuse.org> wrote:

> I was trying to install cinelerra from the packman repo but the
> dependencies failed for libhalf.so.4 how can i resolve this?
Installing OpenEXR should provide libhalf.so.4

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Thank you.I will try that.

Nope… It did not work. I have had the OpenExr installed in my system, but it still does ask for libhalf.so.4 .

I tried installing the one from the website you mentioned but it wont let me install saying that the package was not intended for my system.

I updated this How To on DVD Authoring Tools Applications - DVD Authoring Tools - openSUSE Forums

I checked (and updated) all referenced URLs. In addition, I added:

  • dvd-slideshow
  • KDVDCreator
  • SMILE (replaces manslide)
  • stills2dvd
    *] Videopanorama

I played a bit with stills2dv. It does a nice job of panning a still image, BUT it really needs a GUI front end. Its incredibly time consuming to try and tune the desired pan area with stills2dv, without having a front end gui.

kdenlive used to offer this (panning) capability, but the latest version of kdenlive appears to have lost that capability (or possibly I simply can not figure out the new method to pan with kdenlive).

How did cinelerra work for you? I have tried it several times and each time it turns out to be useless for me. I could never get it to capture video from my camera. It would always freeze. It would not take any cpu though. The camera and kino and kdenlive both work beautifully. So it isn’t a firewire issue (I think). Could you use the capture?

Thanks, by the way for the How-Tos :slight_smile:

I could never figure out the cinelerra interface. I wasted a silly amount of time on it, before I realized I was better served to either:
a. use kdenlive, or
b. talk my wife into using Windows movie maker


Good to know I’m not the only one. Kdenlive and kino are much easier to use.

I updated the “guide”, with a note that Mandvd is being superseded by 2mandvd. I also added reference to the package image2mpeg.

2mandvd is purportedly the successor to ManDVD (by same developer). 2ManDVD is a program to simplify the creation of DVD-Video.
Home web page: 2mandvd (currently only in French)

image2mpeg is a tool to convert digital photos (and any other images) into MPEG video streams, with transitions between the images.
Home web page: www.gromeck.de: image2mpeg

I updated the guide, adding “handbrake”

handbrake: HandBrake is an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder (ripper/converter), available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows: HandBrake

I using dvdstyler before so I can tell what I know .

first this is not the same as what convertxtodvd or TMPGEnc Authoring do . first dvdstyler doesn’t do conversion for you . so you better get all your video files in mpeg2 format ready

dvdstyler is a powerful and horrible tools . powerful mean you can use it to design very fancy dvd menu . but the horrible part will be that you have to do it manual . unlike convertxtodvd or TMPGEnc Authoring do it auto for you .

even so if you want to create one creative dvd , I recommend you use this . but if you need to create 10 or 20 then forget it .

either way it’s easy to use . read the documentation for more advance option

I never success burn it to dvd through dvdstyler also . what I did is generate the iso and use other burner software to burn it on dvd.

Hi all!

I would like see my program under openSUSE - Bombono DVD.
The website is http://www.bombono.org.

Bombono DVD is easy to use program for making DVD-Video.
The main features of Bombono DVD are:

  • excellent MPEG viewer: Timeline and Monitor
  • real WYSIWYG Menu Editor with live thumbnails
  • comfortable Drag-N-Drop support
  • you can author to folder, make ISO-image or burn directly to DVD
  • reauthoring: you can import video from DVD discs.

Just for openSUSE users I wrote some tutorial about DVD author details here - Authoring under SuSE

If you have any questions, dont hesitate to email me to
“muravev dogg yandex dot ru”

Thanks for that post. I’m currently on vacation, and obtained Internet (briefly) today for a couple of hours. I’ll check this out when I get back to Europe in a few days.

when the required software is updated for 11.1 I’ll install Bombono to check it out. Looks promising.