DVD authoring programms do not work! Help!

Question: in the previous output I see message about mplayer not being found. In the past I met things like this where just installing mplayer helped.

mplayer is installed.
Since encoding worked flawlessly now, i would think that error is some kind of bug.

Am I correct to say that the dvd creation apps from packman repo 11.4 x64 still do not work as intended, or have I missed the fix?
i.e. DVDstyler [reliant on ffmpeg] (crashes when processing menus) and 2Mandvd [reliant on mencoder] (no sound).

I have encountered a problem where NO LINUX DVDAUTHORING APPLICATION would make DVD. On that file, no matter how I convert it, just wouldn’t work, even though it plays well in all players.
What is odd is that I downloaded 1st free program for Windows that did the job on first attempt.
I can’t figure out what is in that video that linux programs refuse to reckognize as valid video file ?!?! strange.