DVD Authoring: Not seeing the whole file

Hey there.

I’ve been trying to author a dvd, using an xvid avi. I’ve tried several authoring programs (the last I tried was 2manDVD). Every time I add the file to the project, it comes up as being 102 seconds long, when it is really something like 42 minutes.

Any idea what’s happening? I do have things set up enough that the file plays well in a media player on the computer.

Also, what is the best program to use for this sort of thing (taking an xvid file and converting/burning it so I can pop it in the dvd player). On windows I used to use the Windows DVD maker application, which was clunky and terrible but got the job done!

Thank you (and glad to be here)


Try devede
It is in Packman repo

The file has not been created correctly. One can easily create a video file that works in players, but gives trouble on trying to edit it, or use it for DVD authoring. IIRC it has to do with GOP writing.
Like Caf says, use devede to create either a DVD compatible MPEG2, or a DVD structure. The conversion will take care of creating a technically correct file.

I am using devede now and I get the same problem. The file itself has been created correctly (I did not create it, I downloaded it), it is just not showing up correctly when I add it to my devede project.

What can you tell us about this file ? Can you install mediainfo from packman and run:

mediainfo mj808s-xvid-file.avi

where “mj808s-xvid-file.avi” is the arbitrary file name I made up for the file.

You can paste the output here: New - Pastie and post here the URL provided. Thats better than cluttering this thread with the massive mediainfo output.