DV4 Issue with 11.4 32 bit

Besides a minor sound issue I am having real heat issues. The system seemed to be getting hotter and hotter the longer you left it running. So I installed the ATI driver and adjusted the gpu to its lowest performance settings. This cooled the system 10 dregree right off, the trouble is sleep and hibernate no longer work at all.

If anyone knows how to fix the heat or sleep issues I am not afraid to try your solution. I am also aware that the ATI driver is most likely the cause of the sleep issue, however it is currently the only know fix for the heat issue.

  • AMD Athlon™ II Dual-Core M300
  • AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (working)
  • RTL8101E/RTL8102E PCI Express Fast Ethernet controller (working)
  • HP Webcam (sound does not work)
  • Sound works but there are issue with the built in mic
  • Card reader doesn’t work
  • Touch-pad (works)
  • Volume and wifi controls (work)

To take control of your CPU, I would start YaST / Software / Software Repositories and search on power and install yast2-power-management and then restart YaST. Next, go to YaST / System / System Services (Runlevel), go to advanced mode. Highlight pm-profiler and enable the service (bottom right), answer yes to the next request and start the service (bottom left). Now go to YaST / System / Power Management and select Power Saving and press the finish button. This should reduce heat due to the CPU running in high. You could always uninstall the ATI driver if this is keeping you from using hibernate. However, the combination of the two most likely will provide the coolest running laptop.

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Your setting had noticeable effect, I had already set the system to power saving in the kde power management. This however cooled the system another 10 plus degrees.

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Is there a reason yast power management seems to work more completely?

Is there a reason yast power management seems to work more completely?
To say this again, at least in KDE, CPU speed is not being controlled and is working at the kernel default setting. YaST apparently can provide additional control of the CPU speed and its power consumption/heat generation over the kernel default.

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This might be a stupid suggestion, but have you checked that any program is getting 100% of your CPU? In GNOME my Desktop Search Indexer used to have 100% CPU and 71c when the search indexer hangs ultil I kill it manually.

I helped a HP DV4 user in the Fedora forum get their integrated mic working earlier this week. Laptop microphone not working - FedoraForum.org So this is doable ! :slight_smile: