During Boot screen sometimes just goes bright white

Right after boot options disappear and the boot verbose phase starts I occasionally get a bright white screen and Linux start-up halts without message(s). When this happens I have to manually shut down and the next 5 to 10 boots runs normal except it says partitions were not cleanly unmounted on the first reboot after the white screen of death.

During the normal boots errors do show about usb, bluetooth, virtualbox guest, and network but can’t find the right programs to fix Linux issues.

Linux seems to no longer have logs, and analysis/repair tools. or they are not installed by default anymore.

How do I check the Install for errors and fix them manually.

I don’t see what you are describing. Perhaps it depends on graphics card.

As for logs – “systemd” is eating them. You can use “journaltcl” to show them (check the man page for details). Or you can install “rsyslog” and get the logs back in the old files.