duplicate userpassword entry in ldap user


When i added an user to the ldap server, i already had the userpasswd assigned in the ldif file for this user.

But by mistake, i run the ldapmodify command and i add a second userpassword entry for this user. So, when i run the sladcat, i see two userpassword entries.
The user is able to login with both pwd´s but,

How can i remove one of the entries?



if the entries are numerous, I suggest you dump your db to ldif, process it with sed or perl, and restore it back.


I have an LDAP server here at work, I use phpldapadmin to administer it. Here is the link to it. It needs apache to run. I can help you set it up. I have found a few problems with it. The old php4 version does not display entries from openSUSE 11.4 version of LDAP. The new php5 version has problems importing host entries with multiple names.

Main Page - phpLDAPadmin

I also have a cron job that dumps my data base nightly. This has saved my ass more then once. The new ldap stores its config inside the database, so if you make a mistake and ldap will not start you can not change the config back. You will have to create a new database.

You should also be able to use LDAP Browser in YAST2. You will not see a delete option only an edit option. Just change the value to blank and ldap will delete it.

Dave W