Duplicate Search Results with Dolphin

I’m on openSUSE 13.2 x64 and using btrfs for both “/” and “/home”. When I search for a file or folder, I get duplicate entries, whether it’s a file or folder. How can I stop these duplicate entries?

BTW am NON-Technical user changing Dolphin still beyond self !

Is Dolphin showing the snapshots records - or just exactly same record twice ?

IF snapshot includes changes in your /home/<username> records they may be copies recorded of your data changes.

When logged in as root**** or sudo terminal commands with your filename instead of chromium can compare results,

To show snapshots use: find / | grep -i ** 'chromium’**

To exclude snapshots from search results use: find / -name ‘.snapshots’ -prune -o -print | grep -i 'chromium


BTW am NON-Technical experiencing other problems for which btrfs and snapshot records my prime suspects.

I have snapshots turned off. If someone else using btrfs for /home can do a search in Dolphin, please tell me if you are getting duplicate results. I suspect this is related to something with btrfs. The duplicate results are intermittent, whereas you can search for the same string twice, back to back, and the second time you won’t get duplicates.