DUP to Tumbleweed, Wayland, nvidia

I have always used Leap and for the last couple of years a nvidia gpu. All has been good.

I’m now thinking about switching to Tumbleweed mostly for more up-to-date Python and GTK. Gnome 45 would be nice too.

But I’m slightly worried about memories of Wayland/nvidia problems… do they still exist? I’ve obviously done a few searches but most results are at least a few months old and possibly irrelevant now?

Also, might I experience any problems upgrading from an x11 to Wayland install? I’ve got this horrible feeling at some point during the upgrade x11 will crash, computer will freeze and I’ll be left with an unbootable mess that I don’t know how to fix!

I’m hoping it’ll be a simple case of adding tumbleweed repositories and remove the leap and SLE repositories? I’ve added a couple of extra ones… I think for brave and goverlay, maybe one other for something. Should I expect a seamless upgrade or should I just take the opportunity for a fresh install?

Thanks guys

I can not advice about your details, but the above should not happen, because you should run the upgrade (if an on-line upgrade from Leap to Tumbleweed is possible, but others can advice on this) not using graphical target at all.

Thank you for your reply. Do you mean that I shouldn’t do the upgrade whilst using the x11 server? ie, boot to a command line and run ‘zypper dup’ remotely… ssh, or something similar?

First you should find out if it is at all supported to do an upgrade (of whatever form) from Leap 15.5 to Tumbleweed. They are different beasts and it could be that only a fresh installation of Tumbleweed is supported.

When it is, there are two possibilities.

Use an installation medium, boot from it and use the Upgrade menu item. But then you are running the standalone installation system and thus you can not break X11 of your system during the action, because it does not run at all.

So I assumed you plan to use the on-line upgrade method. And I would indeed advice to log out of any GUI sessions, use Ctrl-Alt-F1 to go to the real console. Log in as root and do systemctl isolate multi-user.targetto stop all GUI activity. After all, when you plan to replace almost all software, then run the minimum of it. And yes, then no X11 is running, thus no chance to bork it when alive.

But again, wait for, search for or ask for advice on doing this on-line upgrade. It differs from a Leap upgrade, the set of repos is different.

BTW, I do not see your connection between booting in command line and remote access. The above is the same as “booting in command line”. But root then logs in on the spot. No remote required.


I think this is the ultimate documentation. I should of course have known where to find it :frowning: