Duo monitor setup

I’m new at this linux thing, so bear with me if I sound stupid. I installed openSUSE GNOME on a Dell workstation P4 3.8ghz, 8gb ram, 73gb SCSI HD, nVidia 7800GTX video card. I have a dual 24" monitor setup. During installation of openSUSE, it showed on both monitors. After openSUSE finished installing and completed with a reboot, my right monitor is now a blur.

I logged into YAST and looked at the hardware information. Everything shows of the system, including both monitors. What do I need to do to correct this ? Please be nice but explicit in what I exactly need to do. Thanks, for your help.

To get started, you need to make sure you have installed the proprietary nvidia driver rather than the default open source nv driver. Have a look here if this applies:

Nvidia Installer HOWTO for SUSE LINUX users

Once installed, the nvidia-setting utility is used to configure. It can be started from terminal, or have a look in menu.

Thank you for your reply, I’ve been to that page. The problem I’m having with that page is, I see for IA32<I’m guessing that is 32-bit and the other ones are for AMD 64. I’m running 64bit openSUSE on a P4. So which one do I use? I just tried x11-video-nvidiaG02 (NVIDIA graphics driver for GeForce 6xxx and newer GPU’s).180.51-1.1(x86_64)
Now I’m not getting anything from that monitor. So that driver does not work and I’m kinda lost where to go next. Any suggestions or recommendations are appreciated.

Ok, Now I’m cooking. I reinstalled that driver above, then I went into the Yast CC and hardware section. I was able to activate the dual head mode and reboot.
There is nothing better then two 24" monitors to work with. Thanks, for your help deano. I’m sure the more I play with openSUSE, I will encounter more issues. As the terminator said, I will be baack. rotfl!

Good work. Make sure you pass on your new-found knowledge to others if you get the opportunity. There are heaps of similar posts made on this forum.