Dummy guide for replacing Knetworkmanager?

Is there an easy way to replace the default KDE4 networkmanager in 11.2?

I don’t want IFUP, I want to point and click and fill out forms. KDE4’s networkmanager interface is really great, but appears suffers from a bug that does not allow me to connect to WPA2-Enterprise network at my work place.

KDE4 networkmanger connects fine, but it does not update routing and DNS. It does receive the correct settings via DHCP, since the mouse-over in the networkmanager displays them correctly, but I have to manually set the routing. Note that this works fine WPA2-Personal networks. From what I could see, there appear to be bug reports about this problem already, but I do not really understand network mechanics and this is all alien to me.

In short, how do I switch to another networkmanager that simply works? I want to connect to a multitude of networks without manually fiddling with configurations.

I already tried:
KDE4->SystemSettings->Tab:Advanced->Hardware->NtworkManagementBackend:Wicd at top priority.

However, this just gave me SystemTray icon saying “no networkmanager”. Do I have to install soemthing? Is there an easy guide somewhere?

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Just delete all NetworkManager-kde settings files, as root do
rcnetwork restart and then as normal user configure NetworkManager-kde,
this is all I do to repair this problem on a friend laptop

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Interesting, but I cannot repeat it: I deleted “~/.kde4/share/config/knetworkmanagemerrc” and restarted the network, but nothing changed. So what exactly did you do?