Dublicator bad block in use

after last update suse 11 using the “opensuse updater” and restarting the PC I got following message.
Multiply claimed block in inode 491446
Multiply claimed block in inode 491650
Linux_Root: /var/log/wtmp (inode 4911446)
Linux_Root: /var/log/zypper-refresh.log (inode 491650)

Suse does not boot anymore. (I tried the automaticrepair from DVD. But it brings me the message, that it cannot automatically repair the problem.

Why has this happend and how can it be fixed?

Best Thanks in advance.

run fsck from the cli,may sort this out


Thanks that worked fine. :slight_smile:
You saved me a little worries there :slight_smile:

Cool, glad you sorted it.Now enjoy :slight_smile: