dualbooting with win7 on a netbook - bad idea?


I’m currently about to reformat an asus eeepc, atom N570 2-core 1.66ghz, 300gb netbook. Planning to dualboot it with windows 7 then opensuse using this guide openSUSE 12.1 installation (dual boot with windows 7)

I’ve always been a desktop guy but I currently need to study programming on a unix system while on the go and I have to admit I still can’t let go of having no windows on my netbook.

Your thoughts plz

I have a dual-boot win7/opensuse netbook here, works fineProvided both systems can run ok on the machine and there’s enough drive space for both systems I don’t see why two systems on the machine would be a ‘bad’ idea, you don’t say what problems you think there might be but I’ve not had any

Thanks. That’s the response I’ve been waiting all afternoon for.