dualboot windows bootloader

I installed openSuse on a partition previously used for ubuntu and during installation (netinstall) chosed to place grub to that partition and not to mbr. I hoped I could afterwards use bcdedit to edit windows bootloader to boot to windows or to grub so I would got same configuration as before with ubuntu. I probably missed some settings and grub boots first (it does offer boot to windows and that works fine). the 100MB partition with windows boot files seems ok it is somehow corrupted and bcdedit says the filesystem is not recognized, windows repair options gives error bootrec /fixmbr works but /fixboot and /rebuildbcd does not. Is there any way to give priority to windows bootloader and repair the bcd so it become editable again?
Other than this issue opensuse works fine.
note: windows 7, legacy boot (no uefi/efi), no secure boot, one disk.

That should be possible. It is how I boot opensuse on my laptop.

This is where you have confused me. I have no idea what that 100MB partition would be for.

On my laptop, I do have a 100MB partition. It contains the opensuse boot files (and it is a bit tight for space, now that we are using multiversion kernels). That 100MB partition was originally the vendor provided OEM partition (a Dell partition) which I decided I did not need to keep, so I changed it to linux file system.

All I have for Windows to use, is one file, of size 512 bytes. BCDEDIT tells Windows to use that. The file is in the C:\ drive of Windows 7.

In any case, see my blog post on setting up the Windows boot manager:
Using the Windows boot manager

Feel free to ask more questions here, if that isn’t enough to get you going.

Thanks, I’ll read through your blogpost and see if I can make it work.

If you boot to the boot partition (or root a it may be) You generally need to have a generic MBR and set a flag on the partition to boot to. I suspect the Ubuntu had replaced the generic with its own. You can repair from Windpow and set the bott flag on the openSUSE boo or the installer can replace the current MBR with a generic one again boot flag must be set

Well, problem was with active flag, after making opensuse partition inactive and 100mb partition active it’s working. Once again thanks.