Dual update notifications since moving to 13.1

I just moved up to 13.1 after a long time on 12.x. The new version looks great, and seems a lot quicker to me in many respects. :slight_smile:

One little thing though. Previously (certainly at 12.2 / 12.3) my software update notifications came from Apper in the form of system notifications (i.e. a circle containing the number of notifications, the same place as for completed print jobs etc.)

Now I get the same, but I also get a systray “cogwheel” notification of the same updates, which I expect is coming from Yast? I don’t want both. Can I suppress the “cogwheel” somehow as I’m quite happy to continue with Apper only?

No, that does not come from Yast. The update notifier is installed as part of “apper”.

Personally, I have turned off “apper” and I am keeping the update notifier. That seems to be the better way of doing it. But it can be done either way.

To turn off “apper”:

Configure Desktop → Startup and Shutdown → Service Manager

and uncheck the box for “Apper Monitor”. Then click “Apply” to save the changes. You can also click “Stop” if you want to kill the currently running process. Otherwise the change will take place after the next login.

To turn off the update notifier:

Right click on the tray, and select “System Tray Settings”.

Uncheck the box for “Software Updater”. Click “Apply” to save the change.


(Sorry for delay in reply; I forgot to set thread notifications on).