dual screen desktop bigger than second screen hiding part of windows

Hi, on my laptop asus vivobook pro N552VW-FY204T I attached on HDMI port my sony bravia 41" TV, on systemsettings>display configuration it is correctly detected and assigned 1920x1080 resolution and I extended (but also replicating the laptop screen the erroro remain) it upon the laptop screen, but the desktop result bigger than the screen, so I cannot see part of the panel and part of the dolphin windows when they are maximized.
If I choose a different resolution (the closer 1280x1024) the desktop is as big as the screen but deformed.
How can I have my second screen working properly al correct resolution?

It depends on what desktop you are using. In KDE and LXQT, there are system settings allowing you to move different sized screens over each other and indicate which is the primary screen. I imagine there is something similar in Gnome and xfce.

manythanks john, sorry, you are right, I always forget that there are other desktops besides KDE, so I’m using KDE, on the primary screen (the laptop screen) isok, in the second screen I have the oversized desktop and lose part of it

Does the TV support 1080P? Maybe it’s interlaced rather than progressive? You need to check the specs and settings on the TV.

maaaanythanks malcolm, you triggered me to see the tv settings, navigating in the settings I found something that translated in english should be “display area” where there was two options “normal” and “full pixel”, I set it “full pixel” and it worked.
from the online manual Setting the screen size/position

[Display Area][Full Pixel]: Displays the original picture when parts of the picture are cut.
+1]: Displays the picture using the TV’s maximum display area.
[Normal]: Displays the recommended size picture.
-1]: Enlarges the picture.
([Full Pixel] is available only when the input signal is 1080i/1080p and [Screen Format]/[Wide Mode] is set to [Full].)