dual Opensuse 11.2 / Windows Seven 64 bits

Hello all,

I have a laptop (Asus X77N) with 2 hard drives, each with 500Go.
On the first HD, i have Windows Seven 64 bits installed (sda).

I plan to install Opensuse 11.2 64 bits on the second HD (sdb).
I want GRUB to be installed on sdb and GRUB could boot Windows too. Is it possible?
How can i proceed to install Linux in such configuration?

Thanks a lot.

The standard install will do what you want. The downside is that this involves overwriting the MBR and whenever Windows 7 updates it will overwrite this and you will have to restore the MBR. Whether this is less hassle than the alternatives is probably a personal preference.

Second thought, if your BIOS will allow you to boot from sdb, you can go into expert mode and change the settings to take advantage of this. Make sure that the windows partition is mounted before you exit expert mode.

yes, i can choose in BIOS on which HD i want to boot.

But, during the installation of Opensuse, there are several options for GRUB installation. Which one to choose?

The combination that boots from the / (root) partition on sdb because, if you have openSUSE entirely on sdb, GRUB will be in the / partition.