dual network card -help-

i’m wandering about this…
can i use dual network in one time?

like i have lan & wifi connection

i wan to use wifi connection for internet & cable for lan…

how to make that happen?
at this time when i connect to both connection
automatically it try connect to internet using lan connection…


Let’s see if someone else here has a better idea, but I’m assuming that both NICs are using DHCP; right? In that case, speaking generally, the first one to be configured will normally become the default route (and thus, your path to the Internet).

Windows has a way to assign “metrics” to NICs that define the order in which they’re initialized; I’m not aware of that facility under Linux. (And besides, under Windows 2000 and XP, anyway, it’s not very dependable.) (And even more besides, I’ve never seen it work with a wired and wireless combo.) But you could imitate that manually by simply knocking down the wired LAN interface, then re-connecting on the WiFi; once it’s established, try re-connecting the LAN. Assuming you’re using Network Manager (it’s an icon in the tray to the bottom right in KDE 3.5; not sure about KDE 4), simply right click and the available connections will come up.

Another approach, and the way I do it when I want both connections on my laptop, is to use a static IP on the LAN without a default gateway. Set the WiFi for DHCP, then reboot.

However, like I said, maybe someone here has a better idea, so I’ll watch to see if I can learn something. :slight_smile:

thanks smpoole7 it really help me :smiley:
before this i just try set wifi to static ip…

but problem solved after i change lan to static ip with default gateway pointing to wifi router…

Ah. Glad to hear you worked it out.