dual monitors

Dear all,

I recently downloaded open suse 11.1 in KDE.
I have a graphics card installed, it is a radeon X 1300
I watched the install and noted that the card was recognized during the install.
The second monitor is plugged in. It has power. But there is no activity on the screen.
How can I activate this second monitor to act as dual screen? I do not want a clone screen.
Any help would be appreciated

Kevin Jones

Hi Kevin

drop to runlevel 3 by issuing the following command as root in a terminal window:

init 3

you should now be at a command line interface (no GUI)

you can use Sax2 to configure your display settings. issue the following command (also as root)

sax2 -r

When that is done loading, There will be a section labeled “Dual Head Mode”
Check the box next to “Activate Dual Head Mode” then select “configure”

Select Xinerama Dual head mode and then set the screen type and resolution for the second display. You can also specify how your monitors are arranged (i.e. your second monitor is to the left of your primary monitor)

Then you should be all set!

click ok to close the Sax2 window. (it will ask if you want to test your new settings–say yes–if all looks good, save the settings)

this will leave you back at the command line.
issue the following command (once again as root) to bring you back to your GUI

init 5

hopefully that helps!