dual monitors nvidia-settings and sax2

I am looking for someone out there with experience setting up dual monitors under SUSE using nvidia drivers. Specifically, whether to use nvidia-settings and/or sax2.
I have set this up under Fedora using nvidia-settings and it works fine. With SUSE I configure nvidia settings and monitor0 (a Samsung SyncMaster T190 Desktop Monitor) sets up fine, but Monitor1 (a 46" Samsung LCD TV) shows my Desktop wallpaper, but the Desktop icons and taskbar aren’t mirrored, and all applications (whether launched from Monitor0 or Monitor1) will only open on Monitor0. If I don’t use nvidia-settings at all and (with a fresh xorg.conf file) use sax2 -r to set up dual monitors (configuring resolution for both, activating dual head mode, cloned multihead) Monitor1 comes up while Monitor0 doesn’t launch X. I have a black screen. And if I go back to nvidia-settings (which I did no manual configuration on at all ) it shows monitor) as ‘off’. If I try configuring both nvidia-settings And Sax2 -r they jst seem to conflict with each other and it still doesn’t work out.

Has anyone dealt with this?