dual monitors? External?

I have a Dell D830 laptop with the dreaded intel integrated video card - GM965, it does have 4gb of memory though and I have an 80gb drive.

Does anyone have an idea how I can get this working with dual monitors when I use a docking station with my laptop? In the bios I have an option to set it to use the docking station video card or the laptop’s. The default is the docking station. On other distro’s I have had mixed luck, got it working on 2 and on 2 I didn’t. OpenSuse is the nicest and my favorite so hopefully this will go.

I have a 19inch lcd with 1440x900 resolution and a 17inch lcd with 1280x1024 resolution.

I just can’t get them to work where the are not cloned and are just extended. I have looked everywhere. In some forums on other distros I read about Intel only being able to have a certain virtual desktop size, but then on another I got it working fine right after the install, I forget which one, maybe sidux, or linux mint.

If you post your xorg.conf someone (maybe even me) may be able to help.