dual-monitor screensaver


I’ve got a nasty problem with OS 11.4, MSI N210 and two monitors.

I have both configured (using nvidia-settings as root) to be in a dual-monitor operation as separate X-Screens.

Now, I like screensavers and I use them, but it has been bothering me for quite some time, that the actual screensaver is running only on one of the two monitors whilst the other remains with a blue BG.
For the protocol:

Monitor with screensaver: DELLG2210 (CRT-1 on GPU-0)
Blue monitor: DELLG2210 (DFP-0 on GPU-0)

Any Idea how I could make both show me a nice screensaver would be highly appreciated.

I would guess that it’s not possible, unless perhaps a screensaver was written specifically for that. After all, you cannot set the two monitors to go to sleep at different times, or “wake up” in response to different actions (mouse, keyboard, network). The two Xscreens are simply two outputs of the same system, and while you can start two instances of the same app on the two screens, screensavers don’t work like ordinary apps.

Just as an aside: I do not want to have both monitors going into hibernation separately.

I’ve got the system configured such that I have my desktop on two screens, moving windows ad lib from one to another. But when it’s time to go to screensaver they both(!) go to screensaver - just as intended.

My only problem is:
If I set the screen saver in “Settings” it shows up properly on both screens, when I try it.
In my case I have “GLMatrix” as screensaver and when i chose it I made a test run from the window - it showed up just fine using both monitors as ‘one’.

But if I let the system go to screen saver naturally, that is to say by waiting the 5 minutes, it just turns up on the left one (the one connected on VGA) and the right one (DVI) remains stubbornly blue with the clock and the “Toolbox” from KDE (sorry - running in german, translated descriptions might be wrong)

Well, after a venture to XFCE I have established a new fact:

Using XMatrix (the X-version of the Matrix Screensaver) I had the desired result when using XFCE. The screensaver turned up on both screens simultaneously.

After this I tried the same on KDE. That is to say:

  1. switch screensaver from GLMatrix to Matrix
  2. test it (showed up just fine on both monitors, like in XFCE)
  3. Wait for the system to go to screensaver.

Alas, in step 3 the same problem occurs. The system starts up the screensaver, but instead of it running on both monitors it only runs on the left one (auxilliary monitor connected by VGA).
The right one (primary monitor, connected by DVI) remains stubbornly blue.