Dual Monitor + KDE Menu Problem

I finally got a second screen (my HDTV) to work in concert with my LCD through an eVGA GeForce 6200 AGP card. TV’s on the DVI, LCD on the VGA.

My problem is as follows (and apparently it’s not unique): The SuSE button for the menu is at the bottom left corner of the right screen. The menu opens at the bottom right of the left screen (my TV). I noticed that the little corner widgets menu is on the TV now, too.

I do not want this. I want nothing on my TV until I drag a VLC window over there to watch a video. Everything else should be on the LCD.


Maybe check if krandrtray offers any useful settings for some of these things.

Or maybe you could work around it by putting kickoff on the desktop instead of the panel, or trying a different menu…

I assume you use Xinerama, don’t have much experience with it, but in my brief experience things did tend to appear in the wrong places constantly. Unfortunately KDE4 doesn’t support any non-xinerama dual head setups afaik. :frowning:

Hmm, not familiar with those. I will play around. Using the desktop is an interesting idea.