dual head - set primary display


Hardware: Lenovo X61t (Intel 965 graphics chip), connected via Dockingstation to an external display.

OS: OpenSuse 11.1

Tablet function activated, stylus is working. Entered Xinerama mode (Lenovo’s TXT @ 1024x768, external screen @ 1650x1050)

Problem: When docked in, the external display is always the primary screen, so when using the stylus, the “action” takes place at the external display. I could not find any way to configure the laptop’s display to be the primary one.

Well, in Windows it is really easy to switch primary and secondary screen, in OpenSuse I failed. Maybe I am searching at the wrong interface or used the wrong search terms…

Any help is appreciated (hoping the only advise is not “JUST edit the xconf.org:wink: )

Best regards


I had some similar troubles with my setup. I was not able to get this set up the way I wanted with the nvidia-settings utility (not sure if intel has something similar), but it shouldn’t be too terribly difficult to manually edit your xorg.conf to set this up for you(that’s what I ended up doing).

Could you post your xorg.conf so we can take a look at it? This will help to see what changes you can make to set this right. Was trying to pull samples out of mine, but it will be best to see yours.