Dual Head Monitors issue

I have a laptop with an INTEL 915 GM and an TFT Monitor Acer X223w. Back in Ubuntu, I was able to have dual head in clone mode working with 1280X800 screen resolution on the laptop and a 1680x1050 on the external monitor, but I can’t get this to work in openSuse 11 with KDE 4.1.3. I have searched in the forums, in google and I haven’t find a solution yet.
I think I’ll have to edit manually the xorg.conf.
Does anyone had the same problem, or anyone can give some help achieving this?
Thank you all!

you can set this through sax2. you can type sax2 in a konsole window or YaST->hardware->Display (something like that, it may be monitor I can’t remember and I’m not at my linnux box right now)

No! I can’t. That’s the problem. :slight_smile: In sax2 my external monitor is available only with 1024x768 and actually, any changes I do in sax2 have no effect. Thank you anyway.

Sax2 has to run as root, do you run through YaST or CLI?

I don’t use intel graphics, but did you install the drivers for it?

If so does it have a control panel of it’s own? Have you tried that?

Beyond that I’m affraid I won’t be of much help. You can check your xorg.conf file and make that it does show intel as the driver.


Did you right click on the desktop and select “Configure Desktop”, then go to the displays page?

I’ve done it in seveeeeeral ways. I guess I have done that too, but I can’t try again right now because my laptop is not here.
There’s also an application (witch I can’t remember the name) that stays in the system bar and detects the two displays, but again, any modifications in the settings have no effect.

that sounds like xrandr. I was going to suggest trying that, but it sounds like you already tried it.

I have a similar issue. I have a 22 (same acer) and 19 inch monitor and i would love to have the 22 as the main with the 19 as the Xinerama but so far SAX2 wants the Dell to be the main display and any manual configuration of the Acer as Display 1 doesnt render me what i need.

It seems the Dell is the primary Display 1 and i cant change that.

I used an Intel 945 laptop, and I had the same problem. The two monitors are displaying the same thing, and should be a waste of electricity.

I set in the sax2, but it didn’t work.

I googled and searched in the forum, finding that some used the navid-settings to solve the problem, but I think it was not for Intel computers.

Any solution is really appreciated.

I have Intel GM965 and dual-monitor setup.
I don’t know how to do it with xinerama option via SaX2,
but xrandr seem’s to work nicely.
See this post:
Dual-Monitor Problems - openSUSE Forums

sorry, what’s xrandr? how to set it up?

I checked the posted you mentioned, but nvida-settings should not work for because I use an Intel chipset, not nvida.

Any more suggestions?

try this: Multiple Screens Using XRandR - openSUSE

Thanks very much. I should do my own homework, and made a google search.

Thanks so much, and I’ll definitely have a try.