"Dual Head Mode" not working - OpenSUSE 11.1 - Matrox G400

Hello everyone,

I cant get “Dual Head Mode” working using OpenSUSE 11.1.

My graphics card is a Matrox G400.

So far I’ve gone into “Control Center” → “Graphics Card and Monitor” and checked the “Activate Dual Head Mode” box, as well as configured the dual head settings…


Then I saved the settings and rebooted the pc, however the changes do not appear to have any effect.

The second monitor just remains in standby mode.

My resolution settings page looks like this…


My xorg.conf and Xorg.0.log files can be viewed here…


Its also worth noting I’ve tested the graphics card in Windows XP and it works fine.

If anyone can help me get this working your assistance would be greatly appreciated.



No one…?

What I can see from the xorg.conf file, the dual head is not activated. So I guess Sax does not write the xorg.conf file.

I get a dialog where I can test the xorg setup before it is saved when clicking OK in Sax2. Do you get that?

sipitai wrote:
> No one…?

you need to assume that since no is answering then no one HERE has a
Matrox G400 and has tried to set up a dual head system…that means
that you might sit here for a couple of years with NO answers to you

so, you might have to help yourself…just a few seconds of searching
(via google: http://www.google.dk/search?q=“Matrox+G400”+linux) on the

“Matrox G400” linux

and i learn that: "Neither of these cards [G400 and G450] support
Linux out-of-the-box. But Matrox has a great development team and
provides Linux drivers for these and other cards including the more
expensive G200-MMS series. You can get these drivers by going to the
Matrox web site at:

so then i look at your xorg.conf and see that you are running the
‘mga’ driver…and, not knowing if that is the Matrox driver you have
to fetch from that URL above, i do another google on the phrase:

mga linux

and picking the top hit, go to http://linux.die.net/man/4/mga where i
learn that that ‘mga’ is the OPEN SOURCE driver (and NOT the Matrox
driver you need for dual screens)…i know this because i can read:

“The second head of dual-head cards is supported for the G450 and
G550. Support for the second head on G400 cards requires a binary-only
“mga_hal” module that is available from Matrox
<http://www.matrox.com>, and may be on the CD supplied with the card.
That module also provides various other enhancements, and may be
necessary to use the DVI (digital) output on the G550 (and other cards).”

NOW, the point of my story is this: i don’t have your problem (because
i don’t use dual head, and i don’t have a Matrox graphic card) so
there was no real reason for me to even read your first, second or
third note (because i can READ the subject line and i know that i know
NOTHING about dual heads with a Matrox G400 card) but i’m curious
about why there are three two posts by the original poster…i see
your bumps and then in MUCH less time that it took me to to type this
short note i learned BY READING that your problem is solved by
installing the required driver…

so, get busy…and, you might as well forget asking here how to
install a Matrox driver…because i’m pretty sure that THAT
information can also be discovered by reading…and, i kinda doubt
that you are gonna find someone here who has done it recently enough
to just tell you off the top of their head how to do it (anyway,
wouldn’t it be SAFER to find the real instuctions, already written
for you to follow…probably with the Matrox driver download…

consider it a game to FIND THE ANSWER of how to properly install a
Matrox driver…

and, have fun.


Did you ever find an answer?

This is my very first install of linux ever, and I’m also using it on a Matrox G400 DH card. I have it running on both monitors, but I want to span across both screens, not clone both.

I’ll keep searching, but thought maybe someone figured it out

So far, I’m lovin Linux. :wink: