Dual Head mode does not (always) work

Running Opensuse 11.0 on a Dell laptop with second display.

When the second display is an Asus widescreen monitor (I don’t remember the model number), I can successfully Activate Dual Head Mode, and select Xinerama Multi-head to get one big display out of both screens. This works fine.

But when the second display is a Dell E171FP, it always acts as a clone of the laptop screen, irrespective of the Dual Head display settings. Also, changing the resolution setting for the second display does not change the screen playing area.

[When I use the Dell E171FP as a second display to extend the desktop under Windows XP, it works OK].

Any ideas why the Dell E171FP does not work as a second display under Opensuse 11.0?


Problem finally solved. It seems that Sax2 did not set up xorg.conf correctly. In the end I had to manually edit the file, introducing the Virtual declaration, and then I used xrandr to configure the displays, per:

Multiple Screens Using XRandR - openSUSE

Everything works fine now.


I know this is an old post, but:

I am having the same problem with a similar setup. I am also using the tool mentioned here, but it won’t survive the reboot. I have to send the “xrandr --auto --output DVI-1 --mode 1280x1024 --right-of DVI-2”
command on every reboot. Is this a normal behavior?