Dual graphical card on laptop


I have a laptop with 2 graphical card and switch button (for card selection).

The first is a HD Intel® 3000, the second is a Ati Radeon™ HD 6630M.

I have some problems :

  • The switch graphical button is not fonctional, it’s work always with HD Intel® 3000.

  • I have downloaded a new drivers Ati 11.11, making a rpm, installed this rpm, but when I reboot xwindows dont start. I must to uninstall this drivers for optain xwindows…

  • I can not run properly vga_switcheroo

  • With kernel (3.x) the graphic fan run too fast, I run sometimes on nomodeset for no noise solution…

Have you a idea for this problems ?

Good day.

I don’t think you can solve that problem. I have tried that hundreds of times, but never succeed. I have the same hardware as you, one is intel and the other is ATI HD6630m. Though AMD says that they support switchable graphics, but you will never get it work. I have report it as an issue to AMD, they just doubt if their driver support my hardware.

Hello JeromeCui,

Thank you for your response. You managed to install the latest drivers ATI / AMD ? Is there a way to disable intel drivers to force ATI at work ?

Good evening