Dual Graphic cards - NVIDIA GeForce 310


I just installed Open Suse 13.1 and was wondering if you could guide me into how to make use of the 2x NVIDIA GeForce 310 currently installed in my desktop via PCIe.
At the moment only the top one is recognized, both outputs work as expected, so somewhat assumed that just as W7, Suse was going to be able to spot the second one and make it work.

Truth be told have no idea on how to get it going…


(assuming that your system meets the requirements (these are listed in the xrandr --help under the provider objects section) ← your’s should; that was just a general disclaimer for any other reader who might blindly follow), all you need to do is boot up as per usual and:

xrandr --setprovideroutputsource 1 0

Then, after that, turn on the output for the second adapter – you can do that via xrandr or one of the gui’s (I suggest you use kscreen as it will be obvious what to do, though any of the other RANDR frontends will work too, albeit just not as intuitively as it is with kscreen). After that, you are left on your own as to how to make that config persistent across boots without any further intervention on your part (I added it as a start up script used by the Display manager, but there are ninety-four gazillion other ways you can accomplish it).

(Additional note: as you didn’t mention which driver stack you’re using, though I’d assume the nvidia prop. … in which case, nvidia recently castrated their drivers a bit, such that you will are only able to use a total of 3 monitors (2 + 1; or 1 + 2 ) off those dual adapters)

Thanks, will give it a try and update the thread.
Truth be told I’m just installing Suse and taking it from there, did found a link with some Nvidia drivers and it just broke my current setup so have to reinstall Suse

LOL fresh from windows are you???:wink:

You don’t have to reinstall the OS just cause you loaded a bad driver.

Yes and no, as in I use Linux on a daily basis but you know, your generic admin/middleware things, not fluent at all when comes down to drivers, kernel and things of that nature :frowning:
Trying to get there by forcing myself to use Linux almost all the time.