Dual Displays

I am trying out openSUSE 11.1 KDE on my desktop. I have two monitors wide screen and a standard screen. I have two questions. One, how can I change it so that my wide screen monitor is my primary monitor? Two, my standard screen is physically level on my desk, how to I adjust it so my desktop is also level?

Thank you

by level i meant level with my wide screen monitor. in other words the bottom of each screen is the same height from the desk.

Surely that’s a matter of physically adjusting the monitor, or am I missing something here? If that’s difficult (not all monitors are equally adjustable) then why not align the tops, and have a top panel?

Excuse me. I’m about Dual Displays too.
There is ATI X1300 Pro video card in my computer and two monitors (DVI and VGA). Can I use this equipment simultaneously?
The system is openSUSE 11.2 RC1 KDE 4.3.2.
A Video Driver is “radeonhd”. 1st Monitor (DVI) has Res.=1280x1024 and 2nd Monitor (VGA) - 800x600. Thank you.

Does the videocard have two outputs? If so, yes. Even if there’s no DVI port you can get adapters. But if it’s not dualhead, you can’t.