Dual Booting Windows 7 and openSUSE 12.3

I’m fairly new to openSUSE and, I’m loving every minute of it. Now I’m trying to dual boot openSUSE and Windows 7 on the same HDD. Also I know how to make the partitions under both Win 7 and openSUSE. I’ve been looking around and, I found nothing on this so. Do I need to install Win 7 first and, then SUSE second to work and, use the Windows boot I think it’s called where it’s a black screen with giving you a choice between using both of the OSes? Or is there a way to install openSUSE 1st then Win 7? because, I read while looking for a solution that if you do SUSE 1st and, then Win 7 it messes up grub or something having to do with grub. Is there anything to do it so I can install SUSE 1st then windows 7. It’s more about nitpicking having my Native 1st choice then my dual as 2nd that’s why I’m looking for a solution to this for those saying “Why not just install Win 7 and, then SUSE and, then be done with it”.

If you actually have a windows DVD, great.
Yes, install windows first.

Personally I create my partitions first using Parted Magic. In the case of this particular machine I am on now, windows7 only uses One partition. But I have been told it might not let you that now. And I carve the remainder of my space for 2 side by side installs of Linux

So all the partitions were in place first. Then I installed win7, ages ago now and I never use it.
The other partitions are partially explained but there are 2 root and 2 home partitions
I run one system and the other is testing

You might want to check