Dual booting Suse 11.1 & Windows 7

I found this tutorial about dual booting Suse 11.0 & XP. Is it suitable also for Suse 11.1 & win7, or should I find another tutorial?

Can you recommend a good tutorial for dual-booting Suse 11.1 & Win7 ? I’ve searched a lot but didn’t find any.

Thank you.
(BTW I’m new to linux)

The principle is the same.

I can offer some more guides:
Install Demo - With Pics and Video - openSUSE Forums

Partitioning/Install Guide - openSUSE Forums

This is for 11.2
11.2 Install Slideshow with Tips - openSUSE Forums

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Now that you’ve become a forums member, search the forums, or browse the Install/Boot/Login subforum. Loads of posts on this, links to HOWTOs etc.