Dual booting problem

i have a compaq presario cq40 144tu laptop with core 2 duo and 4 GB RAM. I installed Edubuntu, Opensuse 11.2 and Windows7. The MBR portion is much more steady of Ubuntu than Opensuse. But i am a blind supporter of opensuse and anxiously waiting for 11.3 and also have a doubt whether it will run in my laptop or not?

Another point is that the hard disk partion stage is not much clear like fedora or ubuntu. so i can’t find any free space etc.
Hope this all will be sorted out in 11.3

Best of Luck.

To me this seems to be an install/boot problem rather then a comment or a suggestion on the Forums. Do you want me to move it to Install/Boot/Login subforum of Help needed? That would probably draw mort attention from people with knowledge in this subject.

EDIT: See this is your first post. Welcome. But it is really in your own intereest to post in a (sub)forum that comes as near as possible to your problem. I e.g. will normally not look in the Wireless subforum, not knowing much about it.

Moved to Install/Boot/Login. On request of sveral people (not the OP).

But it is not realy clear what the question/problem is.

Please parichaycomputer, are you still watching the thread?

Oh! i am really sorry to post it here. I am a very newone about using the forum, suggestion, reply etc. Sorry again for the late reply also.