Dual booting openSUSE 13.1

I am currently dual booting lvm encrypted openSUSE 13.1 with unencrypted Windows 7.
Installed Windows 7 -> installed encrypted openSUSE with bootloader only on seperate /boot, nowhere else -> reboot automatically took me to Windows 7, then I used EasyBCD to make add /boot (/dev/sda5) to list. All okay. To get from truecrypt bootloader into grub, I just have to press Esc.
Now, I want to encrypt Windows 7 with truecrypt. I have done it before, it works fine.

I want to ask that if I needed to reinstall openSUSE(I would install /boot in sda5), then would I able to boot into openSUSE again by pressing Esc?
Does pressing Esc scans any other boot partition and evokes it automatically?