dual boot

I have a laptop with Ubuntu installed. If I install OpenSusue 11 will it automatically create a dual boot system? Should I make a separate partition first?


As long as Ubuntu is installed first, YaST will recognize the Ubuntu partition.

As for creating a new partition, YaST will also create new partitions for OpenSUSE. OpenSUSE isn’t based on one single partition, but 3. The /swap partition will be the same size as your amount of RAM in your system. The / (called root) will be about 1/3 of the space available and will store most of the administrative, called root in OpenSUSE, files and configuration files. The rest of the space, about 2/3 available space is given to the /home partition. The /home partition will store all of your document files and personal files, such as your word documents, photos, etc. So, all-in-all, YaST2 will basically do the work for you when GRUB is setup and when the partitions are created, although if you know what you are doing, you can easily edit the suggested setups.

Hope this helps, and have fun with OpenSUSE! :slight_smile:

It will suggest to use the same swap partition and to do that won’t hurt either Ubu or Suse. Or it should suggest. If not then tell it to.