Dual Boot

I have a computer with windows XP on it. I want to put openSUSE on it with windows xp, but want to use my windows boot loader. does anyone know how to make an entry. I should mention that i am going to put openSUSE on a second Hard drive.

Thanks in advance

Why use the windows boot loader?
If you are using a second HD for Linux, put grub on the MBR of that HD and make it the first HD to boot in BIOS.
The MBR of your windows drive remains untouched

i’ll introduce you to one of our “secret weapons”, the caped crusader of all things lizard… swerdna.

this should be exactly what you are looking for:

Boot Multiboot openSUSE Windows (2000, XP, Vista - any mix) with Windows bootloader.

@caf4926, I am having troulble booting from my bios to my second HDD, I have Bios Dell AO5 it recognizes it, but it is not letting me boot from it.

@xavier, i’ll take a look at that.


Does Anyone know how to boot from a secondary CD/DVD or hard drive on Dell BIOS revision A05?

There are some refs to that BIOS here
HCL/Desktops/Dell - openSUSE

Other than that I can’t really advise. Sorry.

ok, thanks