Dual Boot

Hi ,

I am having Windows 10 on my laptop, and want to install Open Suse 13.2 on the secondary boot, with dual boot option. However, after I install Linux on the Secondary partition, It boots to Windows only, does not give me option for Dual Boot.

Well have no idea what a secondary boot or a secondary partition is???

Since you are using terms that are not at all common we must figure out what you did . We have to assume you instilled openSUSE. So did you simply provide space and let the installer use the default install pattern or did you do something completely different? If so what??

Again we have to assume you are running a newer machine and therefore have an EFI BIOS. Also me must assume you booted the installer in EFI mode and not in legacy mode.which you installed using defaults into to free space you provided.

Lots of assumptions. Maybe we need to lock some down before we proceed


Apologies I mean secondary Partition. First I installed Windows 10, then on Allocated Space I am trying to Install OpenSuse 13.2. I am then making Custom Layout on that space to install OpenSuse. I will post the Partition Structure in next post.

Laptop is booting in UEFI mode and not in Legacy mode.

OK you do not install openSUSE on a pre exiting partition. By default it needs 3 partitions swap root and home. Installing on a single partition can be made to work but you really need to know what you are doing.

Best to simply leave unallocated space on the drive for the installer to use.

Ok be sure that the installer is also booting in EFI mode or it will assume a legacy install