Dual boot xpsp2 and opensuse 11.1 need help

please need help

i have 2 disks. one sata (ide on bios) 160gb with windows xp in my laptop and another usb sata2 with already installed opensuse 11,1.

how can i create a dual boot?if its needed i can put the opensuse hard disk on my laptop and the windows xp in usb.

sorry for my poor english…

pleaseeeeee help me!!:’(:’(:’(

We could do with knowing if your BIOS is able to use USB as boot?

yes… i can boot from usb

Really, if openSUSE is already on the usb drive presumably you can boot it into openSUSE? Or is SUSE just installed there but you can’t boot it?

If you can boot it - then you have in effect dual boot. If you plug it in SUSE will boot. If you don’t plug it in - XP will boot.

If necessary, you might want to read this:
Installing SuSE on External USB Drive - openSUSE

the way i boot the opensuse is very boring… i just change the hard disk every time i need opensuse…

i change the setting in bios and boot from usb , grub starts but linux dont

grub starts but linux dont
When you installed Suse was the hdd connected to the motherboard or to usb ? What error does GRUB give when you select Suse ?