Dual Boot XP Suse 10.3 on Dell Laptop

Hi everyone:

I just bought me a couple of weeks back a DELL Vostro 1000 Laptop, which I already know is supported by 10.3 except a couple of Prop Drivers that need to be installed to get my Ati Graphics, and Broadcomm Wireless working.
These are no biggie I’m not exactly new to linux.

I was running Ubuntu for awhile until it Crapped out a couple of Versions back on Supporting even the most Common of components in my PC’s.

Anyway when I got my Vostro I was looking to run a Dual Boot setup on it XP and Linux/OpenSuse.

I’d tried everyother Distro out there that’s popular, and None would run on my Vostro, I posted in Dell’s Forum and one guy suggested OpenSuse.
I’d tried Suse and liked it a while back in the 9 version somewhere.
So in short I thought I’d give OpenSuse a shot again… :slight_smile:
But I never tried a Dual Boot setup with Suse.
So here’s the question.

I already have XP installed on my Laptop, If I resize the partition and then put Suse on the New Partition, will Suse’s installer automattically setup the Dual Boot for me?

And will I beable to install my Broadcomm Drivers for my Wireless without a Internet Connection from the Install DVD?

And if not is there anyplace I can go to get these files before my Suse install?
And how would I go about installing them?

The Ati Drivers I’m not worried about I can take care of them after I get my Wireless Figured out.

Thanks in advance…

Hi altered_mind

XP should multiboot fine with openSUSE. Just be sure to choose “install to the MBR”.
Broadcom 43xx are on packman as bcm43xx and bcm43xx-fwcutter

Thanks for the quick reply.

I’ve dwnld the Firmware for it, and if I’m not mistaken the drivers are on the CD?

Thanks for reminding me to make sure to install grub to MBR, I’d forgotten that. :o

You sure saved me a bunch of Probs.
Thanks Again… :cool:

Thank you for participating in our forum.

Further to what swerdna noted, pay attention to where openSUSE says it is going to install itself, and also pay attention in case it proposes to “do something” to the partition you had planned to reserve for your WinXP. Sometimes the installer comes up with an installation scheme that one does not like, in which case one may need to go into an advance installation menu and “tweak” the settings.

Also, in case you were not aware, openSUSE-11.0 will be out in a couple of weeks.

Further to swerdna’s recommendation, there is a guide on the openSUSE website:
SDB:Bcm43xx - openSUSE

Thanks OldCPU much grateful for the imput.
I was scrounging last night and got the install guide and copied it.

Yea I knew 11.0 is to come out in 7 days, but was wondering if it would work as easy to get my Laptop up on Suse as 10.3?
I kinda figured I’d wait to see…

Or do you think dwnld 11.0rc1 would be a decent bet?

Oh and one other question, How long is the useful life of a openSUSE product before they drop support of it, after a new version comes out?

Thanks again for everything… :slight_smile:

Useful life is a matter of opinion. I’d say 2 - 4 years IMHO and all things considered, so 10.3 has 1-3 years left by that scheme.

Recommend not to make an investment in 11 RC1 because bugs are still being fixed. I will install 11 after a month ot two when the kinks have been ironed a bit more. That’s an IMHO too.

I remember as a newbie I installed 10.0 and kept it for 8 months beyond the release of 10.1; don’t remember why; vague memory of problems in 10.1.

Updates for Opensuse are provided for 2 years. Also Bugs will be handled for 2 years.

The Enterpriseproducts have a 5 year Lifecycle.

Bugs they stil aren’t worked out yet.
Like all the other Distros when the thing loads the SPLASH SCREEN is perfect.

But when it goes to load the Desktop??? :confused:

The whole friggin screen goes NUTS!!!
I see three of everything, and doing an Alt-Ctrl-Backspace doesn’t help like it did in Linspire.

I see three of everythibg, half screen all to the left side, with static on both ends.

I know it’s Software related, but I’ll be if I can figure it out.

I’m about ready to Pull what little hair I have left out… :eek:

Any Ideas…

What driver are you using for your graphics?

How about booting direct to run level 3, login as a regular user, and then type:
grep -i driver /etc/X11/xorg.conf
#enter root password
**sax2 -p **

And paste here the output of the above.

I have a similar Dell. Did you get the Broadcom wireless to work?