dual boot XP and OpenSUSE

I have Ubuntu 9.10 and OpenSUSE 11.2 . I used Sun Virtual Box to install Ubuntu within XP and it works perfectly.

I would like to install OpenSUSE on my drive . Will the OpenSuSE disk auto setup partitions and allow me to boot either XP or Suse ?

I don’t want to risk losing all the programs I have.

Yes it will but it is safer for a novice to use a partitioning software like gparted to first resize things. You should first free up the space you plan to install Linux to. Think things out this is not like installing a program you are changing the basic way your hard drive is configured.

Any time you plan to do things with partitions you have a chance of destroying things, so you should always backup important data first. Too late after push the wrong button or chose the wrong partition. :’(

Even before you start anything with openSUSE, you must defrag XP and back up anything important you have. Then everything is straightforward. I have installed several openSUSE versions on my XP box and never had a problem.