Dual boot with Windows 7

hey i have a toshiba laptop running Windows 7 64 bit and i would like to install openSUSE 11.3 64 bit on it. I downloaded the DVD version and would like to know how i should do it. Plz answer asap.

I would do two things before I did an openSUSE install.

First, I suggest you download one of the Live CD’s, where you can run openSUSE from a disk, before you install, and see what works and what does not. Like network, video or sound. An install on a hard disk will run faster, but there is more than speed to worry about.

Next, open up the Windows 7 Disk Manager and tell us many partitions you have, what is the size of each and what is the total disk space. There has to be some free space for openSUSE to install in. While openSUSE can offer to reduce the size of the Windows partition, you might see if you can reduce the Windows partition in size, about 40 gigabytes before you try to load openSUSE.

Get back with us on these results and we will suggest what to do from there.

Thank You,