dual boot with Mint

Hi All
I have a laptop which I have Mint installed and have it working satisfactory though find Mint a bit buggy(boot, skyping to name a couple) and is not as stable as I expected.
Now I would like to install openSuse Leap as dual boot. Is there a tutorial available for this that someone can point me to? Or someone might be able to point out any pitfalls?


First off you need free space to install to. You can reuse swap partition and if you have a separate home partition it to can be shared, but you need to use a different user name. The root partition if BTRFS should be at least 40 gig. If you opt for ext4 file system 20- 30 gig is fine for most usage. It is recommended to have a separate home but you can use root or an existing home but you need to allow extra space in root for you personal file usage.

Second how is Mint booting all OS should use the same boot method. Either MBR or EFI mixing does not work well

You need to take control of the install do not proceed past the partition scheme screen until you are absolutely sure it is how you want it. ie pay attention

If unsure stop and ask here before proceeding

Thanks. Here below my SSD setup
Would I shrink sda2 down to app 40 gb, incl home
create a partition sda4 for o-suse,
sda5 for o-suse home: if I use a separate home for o-suse, does it make easier to remove Mint if I ever want to?
and leav sda3 for swap?
Would I best do the partitioning before installing with gparted

Yes pre-prepare but remember that anytime you play with partitions you risk losing data. So backup any important data

Looks like mint does not default to having a separate home partition. Assuming you plan on using a BTRFS file system (the default) for root you need 40 gig. For home you have to judge how much you need the default is to use XFS file system. If you do or don’t use a separate home you must allow for you projected needs. Since Mint does not have a home partition you can’t explicitly share it but you can reach any data by mounting the mint root. It is really smart to have a separate home since it make upgrades or even OS changes much easier. Your data is then independent of the OS

I remember the fact of having separate data partitions though missed that detail when I installed Mint, not sure why. At this stage it is about testing the OS’s. If o-suse is what I like I can wipe and start again as it is my second machine.
After all, I am a near newbie on Linux and preparing for life after windows and osx

Here my new setup. It is a little challenge to get around o-suse.:wink:

I have installed the o-suse and booting works well. Interesting is that it is verbose type shut-down . Any reason for that?Basic things as email- and browser clients are installed to my like. There are some other hiccups which I will post elsewhere in this forum.So far so good…