Hi to everybody i have a laptop Toshiba satellite A300-15A with dual boot:
Windows vista home premioum Service pack 1
open suse 11 (i dont know the exact version)
and i don’t want open suse any more i want to get rid of it i mean i only want to have windows vista. What steps i need to follow to do this?

mention that : I dont have my recovery toshiba disk
I dont have windows vista cd rom (but iam going to find this one)
I dont have the open suse installation disk (do i need this?)
and i want to format my laptop how i do this?

I know that you will all say what a stupid kid but i just didnt use my laptop a lot lately and i have forget most of the procedures i followed to get it to dual boot

ps : i remember that i had to fix another windows vista boot cd with nlite programm and i ve got this program

  1. backup any important data.
  2. Since you want to format the drive simply get a Windows disk and do a new install and wipe out all existing partitions.

I wouldn’t say “stupid” kid. Instead I would praise you as an “adventurous” kid.

maybe someone could help me to procced to format. Iam afraid that i will not be able to format the partition that contains open suse from windows formatting environment .And has someone use the nlite program i dont remember whow i can fix a bootable windows vista cdrom with nlite program

Windows Computer Management has a facility to delete partitions. You can delete the SUSE partitions from there and re-size your windows install to use the space gained by deleting SUSE
Looks something like this

i found that window and it has option to delete the partitions i have but i wonder :
when i tutn on the laptop it starts that kernel starter program that gives me 3 options open suse safe mode and windows so if i delete the extra partitions i wont be able to start the laptop at all am i right? so this window apears and in the case i put the vista cd rom and restart the laptop from the cd rom (set it primary at bios) and start to format my pc without trouble with the kernel starter (i think that is the name of the starter with the green screen maybe iam wrong for the nam

You need to download this to fix the MBR
Windows Vista Recovery Disc Download — The NeoSmart Files

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