Dual boot Windows-7 and OpenSUSE 13.x using NST\nst_grub.mbr

I have not built a dual boot system in some time,
and my last attempt successfully installed
st_grub.mbr on the Windows-7 C:
and I used EasyBCD to build a dual boot menu on my
Windows startup screen. I prefer this over the default that 13.1 builds.

How can I duplicate this during my OpenSUSE 13.1 install?
What boot selection do I need to choose when selecting
the boot type during my installation to create C:\NST
for EasyBCD ?

You have to do that from Windows there is no way to do it from a openSUSE install

Note that EasyBCD probably will not work on an EFI install so take care to install openSUSE in legacy mode.

When you say Legacy Mode, is that a choice during install DVD or do you
mean legacy grub ?

This is selected in your firmware setup or boot menu - either legacy BIOS (often called CSM) or UEFI.

You need to boot the installer in legacy mode (ie NOT EFI)