Dual Boot windows 2003

Hi All

I have tried endlessly to install Win 2003 and Opensuse11.1 but everytime I boot I get a bootmgr missing error… press ctr alt del.

I have 3hdd … 1 is for storage and is ntfs with no OS. the other is partitioned with 300gb Containing WIN 2003… and the other partition has storage with no OS…

The 3rd hard drive which is set as the promary drive I load Opensuse on after I have installed win 2003… and checked it is working.

but when I reboot and try to boot win 2003 from grub I get the error.

I have used dual boot before with XP and Vista and never had this problem…

Can anyone help please???

If you switch boot order of HD’s to set the windows HD first, it should boot windows - OK.
If the SUSE drive is set first and it does not boot, then you have set grub incorrectly.

You situation is ideal really. Just make sure windows is working and will boot if it’s HD is first to boot in BIOS.
Now switch to the SUSE HD first in BIOS - Install SUSE.
Pay close attention to how SUSE sees your HD’s eg; hda, hdb, or sda, sdb… and so on. Know which is which!!

When you reach the install summary in SUSE, before the install starts, click on the ‘Booting’ section and make sure ONLY the MBR box is checked in the grub installation settings, and that it is the correct HD it is going too also! When it shows the summary again check it is showing to MBR and the correct HD!

Even if the grub fails to boot windows, don’t worry. We can easily fix that.

thanks that was perfect… everythiing works like a charm :wink:

Good to hear. Well done;)