Dual Boot Win10 Leap 42.2 Raid5

I have an older Alienware PC and upgraded to Windows 10 EFI
I have 4 1TB drives that have a format-able size of 932GB
I want to take 900GB from each drive and create a Raid5 array
leaving the remaining area for boot, swap and other various mount points

I made new GPT tables on each drive and had the partition tool
use the /BOOT/EFI partition on the windows drive

The partition tool gave no errors with this config but the Grub2 loader
said it would not boot from a raid5 array. All of my assorted mount
points are on non raid partitions on drives with a raid partition

Can anyone recommend a partition scheme that will work under this setup?
FYI if you have to ask “Why?” then you don’t get it.

Thanks in advance :nerd:

While it may be possible that we are now able to use paper and pencil and make a drawing of all you told, it might be better that you provide some hard information that supports your story. Like

fdisk -l

and more that will help us to understand your situation.

Not possible as the system does not load a functioning boot loader.

Disk 1 932 GB
12 GB /Boot
20 GB Swap
900 Raid
Disk 2 932 GB
32 GB /opt
900 Raid
Disk 3 932 GB
32 GB /usr/local
900 Raid
Disk 4 932 GB
32 GB //var
20 GB Swap
900 Raid
Disk 5 1.5TB
Windows 10 install various partitions including /boot/UEFI

/Dev/md0 2367 TB Ext4 /

Oh and to add another level of complexity, disk 5 is in one of 3 hot swappable caddies (the other 2 having Win 7 and Suse 13.2 neither UEFI).
not that I would need or want either with this configuration.

Boot to a live Linux disk to get the info.

I doubt very much it said that. Please, explain step by step what you did and at which point you received some error from grub and paste exact message here (or upload photo to http://susepaste.org if you cannot copy-paste it).

By asking for fdisk -l and hinting that should provide more information, I tried to bring the message to you that we never saw your system, nor have wokled with it for one minute, and that we are not clairvoyant. We are severely handicapped by the fact that you have everything about your setup somewhere in your head and we have almost nothing. Please provide all information you are able to provide. What us used to create that RAID5 e.g. People here take the trouble to put some of their spare time in trying to help you. Please do put some of your time and effort in it when you want (and you apparently need) help.

The forums are a community of openSUSE users. They are willing to help each other, but they are also willing to learn from each other. Your message

FYI if you have to ask “Why?” then you don’t get it.

is interpreted by me as: I want help from you, but I will not pay back with any teaching on my brilliant setup. :frowning: