Dual Boot w/Debian

Happy to have obliged.

I hate to be a pain, but now, when i boot into Debian(which works wonderfully btw), it seems to be sharing the /home directory from my OpenSUSE 11.0 install. Which is fine! However, it will not let me mount the partitions from the second drive (250 GB with Debian installed.) I have all this extra space I wanted to use for my audio projects exclusively.

How can I mount it so that extra space doesn’t go to waste? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

You can mount the Debian partitions in Suse with Yast → System → partitioner

A friend of mine really liked my setup and wants the same thing. Opensuse 11.0 and 64 Studio on two hard drives. However, his advantage is that it’s going to be a brand new setup.

How do I setup this type of Dual boot from Scratch? which get’s installed first? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

Another recent thread turned up an issue with 64 Studio. Its GRUB is too old to handle the 256 byte inodes in the latest ext2/3 filesystems created by OpenSUSE.

So I would say, it doesn’t matter which one you install first, as long as they are in distinct partitions of course, but do not use the 64 Studio GRUB. Use the OpenSUSE GRUB that can handle both sizes of inodes. When installing 64 Studio, opt to install 64 Studio’s GRUB somewhere harmless, like the partition boot record rather than the MBR. Then take the stanza for booting 64 Studio in its menu.lst and paste it into OpenSUSE’s menu.lst, without the savedefault line, which will block booting.

Search for 64 Studio in recent threads for how the other guy did it.

Cool, thank you for that information!

Debian by default maintains a centralized menu.lst for all OS instances on the machine. ken_yap’s post certainly indicates that you don’t want to do that now. openSUSE can do what Debian does, but it requires a manual intervening step. In YaST Boot Loader, under the Option button, there is a “Propose and Merge with Existing Grub Menus”. You may have to still edit menu.lst, you can do that right there in YaST, that option is on the same list.