dual boot vista and suse 11.1?

iev already got vista business 32bit installed and i want to dual boot with suse 11.1 32bit. i tried in the normal fashion (when i had xp pre-installed) and it wiped the boot record and fried the laptop :slight_smile:

i have since repaired the boot loader with vista only on the machine. just wondering, whats the correct procedure for creating a dual boot environment with vista/linux? as its clearly different to xp/linux

i apologise for my ignorance…i just noticed the sticky thread

sorry :slight_smile:

the problem i had, is that after installing suse and rebooting…i didnt even get a boot loader! i got absolutely nothing. the laptop just sits there with an empty black page…

is this the same problem? beacuase after reading the first few posts in the stick thread it sounds like that is a fix for pcs that can get to the boot loader, load suse ok but not vista beacuse of the hdd location error…

You’re correct, it’s a fix for a bootloader where you can get to openSUSE but not vista.

For installing Suse after vista you should use the vista partitioner to shrink vista and thus make unpartitioned/bare space for Suse on the drive after vista. Then load Suse’s install DVD and let it auto divide up and use the empty space you made for it.

i did all of this prior…

before installing vista, i left 12gb free space. after installing vista i installed suse onto the spare 12gb (10gb / partition and 2gb swap)

this fried the boot record…

im thinking there must be something different to be done when installing suse like something in the boot loader / grub settings etc…???

That was probably bad luck. You can always (I hope) fix a fried bootloader by using this howto:
GRUB Boot Multiboot openSUSE Windows (2000, XP, Vista) using the Grub bootloader.
scroll to “howto repair your grub multiboot”

Or if wary of that again, you can choose from the install options (bit hard to find – in bootloader part) – choose to boot from the root partition. But somehow I think the default is easier.

“Or if wary of that again, you can choose from the install options (bit hard to find – in bootloader part) – choose to boot from the root partition. But somehow I think the default is easier.”

i did this…and yet again…no boot options at all. i get blank screens…

after a bit of playing around i found the solution! here goes…

vista was installed first with space left on the hard drive for the / and swap. installed suse 11.1 and all worked ok. rebooted…got nothing at all.


  • boot off the suse disk and select repair install
  • under expert options, i reinstalled a new boot loader and under the advanced settings selected ‘boot from mbr’
  • saved and continued (ignored errors) and forced a reboot
  • reboot provided suse only as a boot option so booted suse
  • opened up the boot loader gui via yast, added a ‘chainloader’ option, followed wizard, saved and finished.
  • reboot

now i have suse and vista available and working from the grub boot loader

Hallo everyone,

I have the same problem with vista (64bit) and Suse 11.1 32bit. I will try this workaround in the afternoon.

But I wonder about my first installation with Vista 64 and Suse 11.1 64bit. In this case the bootloader worked fine, but skype doesn’t…

Are there to different bootloaders in suse 11.1 32bit and 64bit versions?

Best regards


Are there to different bootloaders in suse 11.1 32bit and 64bit versions?

Same bootloader – Grub – no difference. :wink:

Mh… I’m wondering about that.

Maybe some differences in Grub 32 and 64 bit?

Otherwise it’s hard for me to undestand why the bootup works fine with vista 64 and suse 11.1 64, but it doesn’t with vista 64 and sus 11.1 32… both with the grub bootloader.

Anyway. Now I’m going to test the workaround. Hope I’ll come back soon :wink:

Best regards.


Crazy strange world…

This time is the 4th time I installed Suse 11.1 32 bit on se same partition behind the same vista 64bit…

Everytime at the first reboot there was a blackscreen, of course exept this time. I don’t understand that, but anyway.

Everything ist fine now, without trying the workaround…

Only one thing I have changed during this installation. The times befor I changed the Names shown in the bootloader startmenu. This time I don’t, Maybe this is the key, but I can’t belive that.

Thank you so far,



Ive gotten it to work on my pc
This is what I did

Download a Partition manager of your choice that you can boot to, i used cute partition manager. Here is a link Cute Partition Manager - An advanced partition manager

Then wipe your disk and create 2 partitions (i did 3 so i can trade files between the 2 easily)

just leave them unformatted dont change any of the boot options or anything. make sure to save the table.

install (insert windows version here) onto one of the partitions like normal.

after it is finished, reboot with the Suse Dvd in and install it on the other partition.
It shouldn’t ask to resize the windows partition, but if it does, dont let it. all it should use is the unused partition.

When you get to almost the end, it will ask you what to name stuff for your boot loader (which will be Suse) and it should have 4 options. Suse (default), windows 1, windows 2, and failsafe mode for suse.
windows 1 is your os, and windows 2 is your recovery disk, so rename accordingly if you so choose.

If you made more than 2 partitions (like i did) format the unused ones in (insert windows version here). format it to NTFS, for it can be read and righten in both windows and suse.